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Complete information about Mount Katahdin in Millinocket, Maine, USA.

Climbing Mt Katahdin information.

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Katahdin is the highest mountain in Maine and the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. It is located within Baxter State Park, a wilderness-managed area in which humans come second that some refer to as the 51st state. The mountain, being a mile above sea level, towers above the comparatively low Maine lakes and forests. Due to the northerly latitude, timberline is at about 3,500 feet.

Trails and hiking / climbing information about Baxter Peak, Mt. Katahdin.
Welcome to Baxter State Park – Climb Mount Katahdin.

Katahdin is most impressive from the south, a sheer-like granite fortress towering to the heights. It’s shape is somewhat horseshoe-like with the open end heading northeasterly. Click this link to see an excellent overview photo. There are 5 main peaks on the horseshoe, counterclockwise from the north they go: Howe Peak, Hamlin Peak, Baxter Peak (summit), South Peak and Pamola Peak….



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American Loggers Restaurant - greta food and drinks in the Katahdin region.
American Loggers Restaurant, Millinocket, Maine

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