Country Diner | Big Apple Convenience Store | Medway

Big Apple Convenience Store in Medway, ME 04460
Big Apple & Country Diner in Medway, Maine 04460

The Country Diner | Big Apple Convenience Store
CITGO Gas and Diesel
2202 Medway Road, Route 157
Medway, Maine 04460
Country Diner telephone: (207) 746-9343
Big Apple telephone: (207) 746-5966

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‘The Country Diner’ is a great little spot to have a meal from early morning til late in the evening.  And the attached convenience store, ‘The Big Apple’ has everything you could ever expect from a small market as well as gas, diesel and kerosene.  24 hour convenience shopping.

Step into the restaurant and check out the huge and varied menu.  You can get breakfast til real late and all the food has that great home-cooked taste and feel.  From pancakes and eggs, to steak and potatoes, pasta, soups and salads; you can be assured that, not only, the quality of food is superb but also the quantity!  The service is always on top of things and very friendly.  Stop by for a meal today!

The Country Diner and The Big Apple in Medway

Your one-stop for everything in Medway!

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