Maryanne’s Market AG | Medway | Maine

Fresh deli meats at Maryann's Market.
Maryanne’s Market, Medway Maine 04460 – Convenience store & deli.

Fresh meats and sandwiches from a true deli counter is a big plus when looking for a convenience store and Maryanne’s Market in Medway certainly benefits from the best deli counter around!  On premises liquor store and all wines, beers, juices, water and soda.  Snacks, candy, pastries and cigarettes and tobacco are also to be found at Maryanne’s Market.  Friendly service with a smile is always to be found from the staff behind the counters!  Stop by Maryanne’s, today!  There is also a Payphone at Maryanne’s with the number of: (207) 746-9977

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Address:  2309 Medway Rd,
Medway, ME 04460
Telephone: 207-746-5336
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