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Come visit us in the Katahdin region and the North Maine Woods. Our beautiful scenery and untouched forests are waiting for you. Whether relaxing on a beautiful lake-side beach in Baxter State Park, climbing our rugged summits, rafting our rapids or snowmobiling 100s of miles of carefully groomed trails, the Katahdin region has something for you! It is time for you to… #ComeToKatahdin ! We are the Mount Katahdin and Baxter State Park information portal and online community. We want to help you enjoy your stay in our area and maybe point out a few things about which you may not have known!  Search our free classifieds or Katahdin area business directory.  You can post your classified ad or business listing for free!

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Satellite Map of Mt. Katahdin and Baxter State Park.
Satellite Map of Mt. Katahdin and Baxter State Park.

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Mount Katahdin (pronounced: kah-Tah-din) is the tallest mountain in Maine at 5,269 feet (1,606 m or just shy of a mile). The mountain was named ‘Katahdin’ by the Penobscot Indians.  The term means “The Greatest Mountain” in their language. Katahdin is the centerpiece of Baxter State Park: a steep, tall mountain formed from a granite intrusion weathered to the surface above the treeline. The flora and fauna on the mountain are those typically found in other regions in northern New England. Katahdin has been known since time immemorial to the Native Americans in the region, and has been known to Europeans since, at least, 1689. Or, possibly, long before.  It has inspired hikers, climbers, journal narratives, paintings, local hit songs and a piano sonata. The area around the peak was protected by Governor Percival Baxter starting in the 1930s and is now known as Baxter State Park. Katahdin is the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, and is located near a stretch known as the Hundred-Mile Wilderness.

Welcome to Mount Katahdin!

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